Saturday, April 28, 2012

Baby Shower

Today was the baby shower for my niece Carla.  It was cold as could be outside but warm inside the restaurant where we all met to bring all sorts of wonderful goodies for Carla's baby.  Since we revealed our gifts to her today, I can finally show you what I made her.  I'd already sent down the high chair, etc. to Georgia back in March but here are the items I made for the baby and presented her with today:

I used a Mighty Jungle flannel panel by Henry Glass and the coordinating flannel fabric for the back.  I tried a new-to-me product, Fusi-Boo, a fusible Cotton/Poly/Bamboo batting - I absolutely love it.  It was easy to fuse, super easy to machine quilt on the Featherweight (!) and washed up nicely.  I bound it with the satin blanket binding from Wright's but I have to say, I don't remember the edges of the binding being rough before.  Maybe now that it's made in Ch*na (argh!!) the manufacturing process has cheapened (surprise!) but I didn't care for how rough it was, even after washing.  So back to the sewing machine it went and I zigzagged around the edges, making sure I went over the edge on the back -- much better now!

A quilt was not enough so I knit up these matching headbands in luxurious cashmere, because every girl needs cashmere!  Can I say what a pleasure it is to knit with cashmere??!!  No wonder it's so beloved.

Now we just have to sit back, wait, and pray until June 20th when Carla will deliver her little girl.  I'm sure I'll find more things to make like a sweater or two that are floating around my mind.

Holly reminded me again today that Carla's baby got a quilt from me first.  Guess I better get going on Denver's quilt, eh?


Anonymous said...

I thought you made baby Denver a quilt. I recall you working on it using primary colors? Now that you are a quilting fool, you will probably have one whipped up for him this weekend! :)
The little headbands are so cute!

harriet said...

Lovely quilt!

Suzanne said...

You are so right Joyce! It's sitting in the same project box it came home from Mystery Quilt day in -- LAST year. Oh my.