Thursday, April 19, 2012

More from Cinci

Last Saturday I went to the quilt show in Cincinnati expressly to meet two of the teachers I've contracted to speak and teach at our guild next year.  Both Anita Grossman Solomon and Gyleen Fitzgerald were wonderful, engaging, and oh-so talented.  We're going to have a lot of fun!

I attended a round-robin event with 14 teachers, some of whom I skipped (sorry!) and others I stopped to see what they had to demonstrate but didn't take photos.  Here are a few photos of those I liked:
 Cindy Blackberg demonstrated her wonderful hand-stitching techniques.  Click on the photo below to enlarge and see how she used two different colors of thread, side-by-side, to make this pretty block.

Anita Grossman Solomon was so friendly, joking with the four gals who had come all the way from Brazil!

Sorry for the fuzzy shot of Gyleen Fitzgerald -- that's what I get for trying to hurry!

This one might be one of our workshops in October:

Nancy Frost demo'd how to do mitered borders but it was her hanging 'sleeve' that cracked me up!

I'm definitely going back to the show next year and I WILL spend more time, hence more money -- better start saving up!

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