Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Salvation Army Update

On Christmas Eve I was a bell ringer for the Red Kettle Drive.  I spent four hours at the Market Fresh store in Beverly Hills (Michigan, not California!) and there were so many nice people.  I was stationed in front of the entrance to a Starbucks and one older gentleman asked what I'd like in my coffee.  When I said I don't drink coffee, he said how 'bout a hot chocolate?  I gladly took him up on his kind offer!  A woman asked me later on if I'd like something to drink but I had to pass since I couldn't exactly stop and use the restroom if I drank anything else!

The four hours went rather quickly as more and more people dropped money into the kettle.  One man deposited two checks!  Today I found out that I collected $508.79 !!!!  Sadly, no one else came to ring after me -- who knows how much more money could have been donated that day.

Next year I'll definitely be ringing at that store -- lots of generous people make the time zip by and it's so worthwhile!

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