Sunday, January 15, 2012


Recently I've gotten into adding apps to my smartphone.  The Windows 7 operating system is definitely behind I-phone and Android with regard to developing apps.  I have found some great apps recently and I'm on the look out for one that tracks your workouts at the gym.  

I joined Planet Fitness the day after Christmas and just started going last Friday.  I knew I needed to go but I had to get my house de-cluttered first.  So, essentially going to the gym is my reward.  Who knew?  I went for the second time today.  Sometimes it's hard to believe how out of shape I am.  In my mind I'm not but in the mirror I most definitely am.  I can 'find' weight like nobody's sister.  Losing it - now that's another story!  But at least going to the gym I can feel like I'm making progress and the weight will start to come off.

Do you have a good app for tracking your workouts?  Let me know so I can check it out!


Anonymous said... and both have apps for that sort of thing. Keep up the good work, Suzanne! Summer will be here before we know it!
~Joyce in MI

Tanya said...

I like my fitness pal better than spark people, but both are good. Both have websites for when you don't want to enter things on your phone either. Our gym has a website that actually uses our key fob to track our attendance and has some limited workout tracking as well. You may want to see if planet fitness has a similar perk.