Wednesday, January 11, 2012

CTS -- Maybe?

I've got an appointment on Monday with a neurologist to have an EMG done on both hands.  My P.A. seems pretty certain it's CTS.  I'm hoping they'll just prescribe some braces to wear at night for a while until the pain goes away.  In the meantime, nothing crafty for me for a while.

My customer who ordered the Lemon Yellow Shoulder Bag last month called tonight to say his sister loved it and wants a THIRD bag from me!  Obviously, I can't wait for my hands to heal so I can crank out another bag for him to send to her in England.

About the rug hooking.  While I did love doing it, truthfully I haven't really touched it since I took that dreaded chicken rug workshop in Ohio.  I have two rugs to finish the edges on still.  My interests are still in wool, but more applique and sewing instead.  Don't worry -- all that hand-dyed wool fabric I've done won't go to waste.

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