Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday the 13th?? - No Problem

Today started with a bit of snow which led to some icy roads.  No problem, just drove slower.  Got to the parking lot at work and the 'Check Engine' light went on.  Had to take a half day off work.  No problem, no meetings today at work.  Took the car over to Belle Tire and Frank reset the sensor.  No problem, nothing needed fixing.

Stopped at Costco and picked up some Breathe Right strips that will hopefully help me sleep a bit better.  Went for the first time over to Planet Fitness for a workout.  Busy, but not too busy.  Worked out for about an hour and came home.  I think I'll go back tomorrow.  I need to work out every day to try and reverse the damage I've done.  Ugh.

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