Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Catching Up

Last Saturday I had the chance to go out and visit Holly, Mike and Baby Denver.  I stopped at Zumba to pick up their favorites and headed out there.  I took a couple of bags of assorted items -- Holly's baby books, photos, those socks from my sock drawer clean up, and other stuff.

I had a nice visit and got to feed a bottle to my grandson before he conked out.  He's getting so big -- over 17 pounds already.  Sunday he rolled over from his back to his belly.  He'll be 5 months old next Tuesday!!

That minty green blanket is the one I knit for him.  Good to see it's being used.

When Holly brought out her laptop and started to work on her grad class assignment, I knew I'd overstayed my welcome so I headed for home.

Once home I started another cleaning chore -- the living room.  Then it was the laundry room.  I'm down to the kitchen table!  Can't wait for all the cleaning to be done and then I'll just be left with the maintenance.  Phew!

The splints I'm wearing on my hands may be curing the numbness but they're causing bruising and soreness in my fingers.  Most nights they slip down my hands over my knuckles so I think I'm taking them back to the store I got them from.  Somethings not quite right.  So while my hands aren't waking me up several times due to tingling, the pain is and so is the awkwardness of wearing the splints.

Yesterday I went for my first physical therapy session for the pinched nerve in my neck.  Nothing really happened there except for a consultation so I'm hoping the next session on Friday will yield some results.

I was supposed to go to the gym tonight but when I let Maggie out, I noticed someone had broken off the bottom half of a piece of fence.  Good thing I saw it before Maggie -- she could have bolted and I would never be able to catch her.  Living near a main road can be really dangerous for pets.  I put her back in the house, dug out the hammer and nails and went to work fixing the fence.  Double Phew!!