Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Rain, rain, go away

Yesterday we had a super flood in our area.  Highways were flooded with 9 feet of water.  People were trapped in their cars.  Basements flooded all over the place.  My friends Sue and Mary both had flooded basements.  Here's the view on my street.  It looks almost the same as last week's flood but believe it or not, it was even worse.

Even the Detroit Zoo is closed!  My drive into work this morning was a bit of a detour as my normal route was completely closed due to the flooding, stranded cars, and malfunctioning pumping systems.  See more in this story from NBC.  It's truly stunning how stupid some drivers are, trying to make their way through flooded streets.  Times like this I wish cars still had distributor caps so they would be stopped by their stupidity.

Tonight I passed house after house after house with 'basement' debris on their curb, awaiting the garbage man.  Poor garbage men -- they had nothing to do with it and imagine all the extra work they'll have this week!  One of my neighbors had 2 feet of water in their basement.  So sad.

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~ stay dry & safe! ;-D