Monday, August 11, 2014

How's it going?

Today I marked the 5th anniversary of my father's passing.  Five years ago I walked into his hospital room and said 'comment ça va mon père?'  It's a greeting I used many times over the years especially when I'd visit him in the hospital.  It translates to 'how's it going my father?' and even though I knew he was dying I said it just the same.  He didn't answer me that time and I didn't expect him to, and with those brief words from me he quickly passed away.  Faster than anyone else his nurse had ever cared for.  And for all of his earlier illnesses and battles, it was truly amazing that he went so peacefully and quickly.

I miss him so much but as the years have passed there are days that go by without me thinking about him.  I didn't think it would be possible when he died, but it is.  Today also marks 10 weeks since my nephew Paul committed suicide and it is still too fresh and painful to go more than a day without thinking about him and missing him so.  In time I know the sorrow will ease, much like it has with my dad.  God bless them both.


Sigrun said...

My mom passed away on Christmas Eve 2012. I feel she planned it that way, since the family always came together on Christmas Eve. Her children and many grandchildren still had enough notice to visit her. By choosing Christmas Eve, she freed us to celebrate some kind of Christmas Day without waiting for the phone to ring. Her passing was peaceful and beautiful. I feel her presence often, and now I volunteer in the Nursing Home where she lived her last years, and I feel her there, too. I miss her, but like you, have many lovely memories to get me through. bless you.

Anonymous said...

~ sending prayers & comfort to ewe.. O:-) take care ;-D

Renee said...

yep, Monday mornings are rough.

Suzanne said...

Thank you for sharing Sigrun. How kind of you to volunteer at the nursing home. When I was a kid in Catechism we would visit a nursing home and a long term care hospital every other week to play cards with the patients/residents and it was so worthwhile.