Sunday, November 3, 2013

Checking In

Oh my goodness time flies when you're having fun.  I found a new route to work and while it may not be faster every day, as least psychologically it's a better alternative for me.  I'm also still hoping for a new job closer to home.  A few different recruiters are trying to find me something and another company reached out to me last week.  I had applied there and never heard back but now I am -- yippee!  They are exactly one mile due south of me!!!!!  I could walk to work.  I could ride my bike to work.  I could drive 20 miles each week instead of 515.  Please send all positive vibes and prayers my way !!!!

Last Friday I took a day off of work to go get a stress test with a 2-D echo.  I did well but I had to have an IV inserted with contrast so the images would be clearer on the echo.  Now I have to call my doctor to see if I can still have my bone density screening on Wednesday.  After I got home Friday I was reading over my instructions for that test and saw that you're not supposed to have any contrast within 7 days.  Uh-oh.

In the mean time, I spent all day yesterday cutting out fabric for various projects, and then today I sewed.  I should be able to take some photos in a day or two and maybe even a little tutorial.  It's getting closer to the holidays so I will be ramping up production in the sweat shop.


Anonymous said...

Love your blog. Seems like we are having a personal visit.

Anonymous said...

~ good luck on closer job location..good health test results back too! ;-D