Sunday, November 10, 2013

Denver and the Petting Zoo

Today was a super day.  I drove out with my roommate to see Holly and Denver at the Westview Orchard in Romeo.  Kevin organized the outing and Holly chose the orchard.  It was sunny but super windy, which made us zip along to avoid getting too cold.

We managed to make it on the last day the orchard was having their petting zoo for the year, a key attraction for Holly.  Denver was so excited.  He was making all the different animal sounds.  First up were the donkeys.

The donkeys were so cute!  Denver and Holly are too!!

Next came the goats -- probably my favorites!  They were so gentle at taking the little oats we had for treats:

Everything was going great until Denver got a tiny speck of goat poop on his face.  Then came the meltdown and hasty retreat from their pen:

Who could resist this face???!!!

I spotted this beautiful chicken:

Denver climbed on the giant tires:

And hung out with his Uncle Kevin:

And made up with the goats:

We had some cider and donuts and posed for a picture:

Then we grabbed a quick lunch at the Romeo Family Restaurant.  Denver was pretty good but when the waitress stopped by and told him he better sit down or he'd have to leave (playfully, of course!) he got a really serious look on his face and said OK.  He was so cute!  

I sure wish I could have more days like this.  Aside from being a bit chilly, it was perfect!!

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Anonymous said...

~ great family pic! hard to believe Kev & Holly are grownups now :-)..luv Denver's hat! ;-D