Monday, November 25, 2013

More Time Please!

Time.  Do we ever have enough?  I wish I could shake a few of my crafting ideas right out of my head and set them aside for another year!  Instead I want to do EVERYTHING!

I took a wonderful quilt workshop with Sandy Klop a couple weeks ago.  More on Sandy in a few days.  I've been sewing Christmas presents for my mom and my kids.  Lots of items for the upcoming Holiday Bazaar at GLHQ.  I even cranked out a flannel/terry burp cloth for a woman at work I don't even know -- she's expecting a baby boy!

For now I'm back to focusing on items for the bazaar.  Here's a great little pin duo I made using Angela Walters' fabric line, Legacy.  The pin pattern comes from Indygo Junction's book, Fabric Flowers.  The pins are fast to make up -- the hardest part was deciding on which fabrics to use.  Wait, I think I'll make more!

First you need to select some beautiful fabrics and cut them ON THE BIAS into 2" wide pieces of varying length but no longer than 4.5".

Sew them together in a long strip:

Press the seams open and then press the long strip in half to make it 1" wide.  Using 1/4" cotton cording and a zipper foot, start sewing the corded strips, as close as you get to the cording.  Turn the fabric ends in 1/4" and trim the cording 1/2" from the end of the fabric.

Next, trim the excess fabric away from the sew, being careful not to breach the seam!

Here are the pins coiled up to see how I like them, held together with just a straight pin.

Now the real sewing begins:

The backside is not particularly attractive but that's okay.

I sewed a pinback to a nice piece of felted plaid wool (1/8" smaller than the pin) and then sewed the wool, using a straight stitch, to the back of the coiled fabric:

Looks mighty cute on my shirt but it's going to be sold at the Bazaar next month instead!


SusanQuilter said...

These are super cute and everyone is going to want one!

Anonymous said...

~ really neat! ;-D