Sunday, January 13, 2013

Out and About

Yesterday my friend Sue joined me for a trip to Brighton.  My key mission was to drop of some raw Alpaca fleece to my rug hooking friend Kris, along with a fabulous Victorian Paisley wrap.  Kris's face lit up when she saw the wrap and she shared her knowledge of the wonderful woven piece with all of the rug hookers who had gathered for their monthly meeting.  When we transferred four bankers' boxes to her vehicle she couldn't wait to sneak a peak.  She had a fibergasm right there in the parking lot.  Woohoo -- a love connection was made.  Kris will send the fiber off to be processed in Frankemuth and then who knows what she will do with it -- most likely spin it into fabulous yarn.

From there Sue and I headed over to Creative Quilt Kits just down the road from the rug hooking meeting site.  A very nondescript office building held a store with room after room of wonderful quilt fabric.  Oh my!  I was very cautious with my spending, coming out of there with less than 12 yards of fabric and only one pattern.  I could have easily bought a whole lot more.  They have an amazing selection and I know we'll be back with more Chickens next time.

We had lunch at a great little restaurant called The Wooden Spoon.  Full of dishes uses locally sourced ingredients, we each had their mushroom with brie soup, and a different sandwich.  MMM, MMM good -- we'll be going back there too.

A quick stop at the Monarch Quilt Shop was much less fruitful.  Although we each found a few more fabrics we liked, the store worker (don't think it was the owner) had a bit of a confrontation with someone who had brought in a quilt top to be quilted 6 weeks ago and they hadn't started on it yet so she was taking it home.  The store worker muttered about the incident in front of us after the other customer had left and I think that was very unprofessional.  Plus, 6 weeks and it wasn't even started yet???  She should have taken it to Quality Quilting in Ann Arbor where they turn quilts out in about a week.

Today I went looking for more fabric for my upcoming Kim Diehl workshop at the local quilt shop and found nothing, zip, zero, nothing.  That quilt shop owner is such a putz.  She never even asked what I was looking for and always seems bothered that I'm there.  Again, why do I keep going back??

I went to my favorite fabric store, Haberman Fabrics, and found some great wool to use for a pillow and it was on sale.  Woohoo!  It's been washed and awaits a couple of hours for me to sew it all up.  Looking forward to that project using some wool strips my Chicken friend Diane gave me last week.  Adding it to my very long To-Do list.

But it's back to work for me tomorrow.  Last Friday was a very frustrating day with people signing off on documents and then doing the complete opposite of what they agreed to.  It's not my place to tell them off -- someone higher than me in the food chain will have to do so and I expect I'll be having that conversation with them tomorrow.  I'm just a temp, ya know?!

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