Monday, January 21, 2013

Catching Up

This year has gotten off to an interesting start.  Here's a recap:

  1. Mom was dreadfully sick last month, telling us to bury her in her new outfit for niece Erica's wedding.  A couple of cortisone shots in the wrist, multiple overnight visits from her girls, oh, and maybe the threat of an impending moving to a nursing home seemed to have cured her.
  2. Roommate finally applied for unemployment.  Now he's working on leads for a new job.  Seems to run in the family.
  3. I had an appointment today with a new recruiter.  Hopefully this one 'gets' me and I can find something I'll be happy doing for a lonnnnng time to come.
  4. Found out how to fix my power window on my Ford Focus.  Hold the button down for a few seconds, then hold it up for a few seconds, then the one-touch down and up functionality will return -- happy, happy, joy, joy.
  5. Shortened some new pants tonight (SHOCK!) -- it always takes 10X as long to undo a mistake than it takes to make it in the first place.  How is that????
  6. Laundry is almost caught up -- still have some hand wash items waiting for me in the hamper.
  7. Clean up project -- Craft Cave is still a disaster - ARGH!  Must. Get. Working. On. That.
  8. Finished an interesting wool pillow project -- pictures coming in the next day or two.
  9. Bargain Pendleton cable knit pullover sweaters found today -- $118 marked down to $35 -- can't lose on those.  Sorry to say, made in Ch*na - double ARGH -- what happened to them being made in Oregon???!!
  10. Nearly booked all of the Kim Diehl workshops in March -- speak now or forever lose the chance.  See for details.
Much more fun to be had -- stay tuned.

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Anonymous said...

~wow..loads of fun! ;-D