Saturday, January 5, 2013

Easy Money

How would you like to have over $1300 in a piggy bank at the end of 2013??  I know I would and I found a simple way to accomplish this courtesy of a friend on Facebook.  I'm going to put money in my piggy bank that corresponds to the week of the year.  Did I lose you?  In other words, this is week 1 in 2013 so I'm going to put $1 in my piggy bank.  Next week is week 2 of 2013 so I'm going to put $2 in my piggy bank and so on and so on until the last week of 2013 when I put $52 dollars in the piggy bank for a grand total of $1378.00!!!

Maybe that money will pay for a nice vacation?  Or some other fun stuff.  Hmmm.....I'll have all year to plan!

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Anonymous said...

~great! ;-D