Friday, January 25, 2013

A Little Late

Here's the pillow I made last weekend.  I used green and cream wool strips from my Chicken friend Diane, brown solid for the background and a great green and brown plaid for the back with a green invisible zipper.  It started out with the strips laid out in a lattice pattern on top of the felted brown wool:

I pinned down the strips then sewed the edges to the background.  Then I sat and pondered.....stitch all of them down?  Sew them down with a button??  Hmmmm.  So I searched and searched my button stash for just the perfect buttons.  But wait, one button on every crossover, every other, only the creams??  YIKES!  The thought of sewing them through two v-e-r-y thick strips of wool AND the background with my feeble hands???? NOOO!  Instead I free-motion stitched them down.  So there!

Close up of the stitching:

And the back:
Not perfectly lined up but perfect enough for me!

Now I have a big, thick pillow to stick behind my back on my big, thick chair.  Makes me want to sit and stitch there now!  I think I'll spend the weekend working on more of these:

Then there's always cleaning to do in the Craft Cave.  I tried to plan a quilt shop hop road trip for tomorrow with my Chicken friends but no one wanted to go.  I think it's the fourth time I've tried so I give up.  Probably a sign.............


Eddie said...

Good job on the pillow!

Suzanne said...

Thank you! I was all gung ho about making a blanket using the same technique but wised up quickly!

Anonymous said...

~ nice pillow! ;-D