Sunday, December 11, 2011

Lemon Drop Bag

I have a customer who requests commissioned pieces from time to time.  He ordered a second bag for his sister who lives in England.  The first bag was an Apple Green Bag:

I used Malabrigo Wool in their Apple Green shade and it shrank so much I had to buy more yarn and re-knit the bag, making it MUCH bigger than the first attempt.  I found a ceramic pin at the Potters' Market that worked perfectly on the bag.  My customer was pleased and his sister was thrilled.  Hence the order for a new bag.

This time I used Brown Sheep Bulky in a shade called Lemon Drop -- just what the customer ordered!  Again I knit the bag quite large, probably around 18" plus the flap.  After felting it was about 14" high and I made two pockets to go inside.  I had found two pins I liked and left it to the customer to make the decision.

Here's the bag, inside out, showing the smartphone pocket:

And here's the bag, right side out, showing the magnetic closures:

My sister Denise liked this dog pin but in the end, it did not win out:

Gerald liked the artsy heart pin instead:

Here's a close up of the winning pin:

I was very glad to finish the bag on time and send it off with Gerald, who picked it up at last weekend's Birmingham Winter Markt.  He was very pleased and eager to surprise his sister for Christmas.  Since she lives in England he was going to have to wrap it up pronto and get it in the mail to her so she'd receive it on time.


Sassafras and Winterberry said...

I love your bags!! They're awesome! She'll love the new one. I have to say...the dog is cute but the other pin is way cool!

harriet said...

Both bags look just great! Always good to have a satisfied customer.

harriet said...

P.S. Love the new background!

Suzanne said...

Thanks ladies! I haven't been making bags much lately. It's faster and easier to make hats and that's what seems to be selling at recent shows.

Heather Woollove said...

Suzanne--Love, love, love the bags!!!

Anonymous said...

~ luv the buttons---they make each bag unique!..awesome bags! ;-D