Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Busy, Busy, Busy

I hope you don't think that I haven't had anything to say since last Friday's post.  Quite the opposite is true!

Saturday was a great day and I got a good chunk of my shopping done for Christmas.  I tried a new bakery, Natalie's Bakery, in Madison Heights on the recommendation of my friend Sue.  It was fantastic.  The aroma was magnificent and I wanted to buy one of everything they had to sell!  I bought their New York Rye and a loaf of Olive Oil Italian.  They offered me a sample of their Stollen and while I was tempted I held off.  But I assure you it was temporary as I fully intend to go back and snatch up a loaf.  It was fresh and fruity, not rock hard like I'm used to.

You might remember that I'm on an ABC kick for Christmas -- Anywhere But China.  I'm making a very concerted effort to choose gifts that were not manufactured in China, trying for the USA but going with other countries who trade fairly.  Even more so, I'm shopping in small shops in my local area, keeping my hard earned dollars in my community and supporting people who really appreciate my business.  Besides Natalie's Bakery, I spent a lot of time choosing the right gifts for Holly & Mike at American Apparel.  It's a small shop in Royal Oak that primarily sells clothing manufactured in Los Angeles.  I found a super cute knit pencil skirt and a pair of winter leggings for Holly and for Mike I chose a pair of fleece lounge pants and a pair of rubber boots (made in Canada but that's sooooo close, plus I am 1/2 French Canadian!).  I love spending my money locally -- the shop employees are so friendly and genuinely want to help you select the right item.

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