Monday, September 2, 2013

Work, work, work!

This working stuff is getting in the way of having fun!  Most nights I don't get home from work until 7:00 or 7:30 pm.  I've discovered that getting to work early (8 am is early to this company!) is making the drive to Ann Arbor much easier on me.  Many days I've been working 9+ hours so if you tack on the minimum of 2 hour total commute, we're talking about 11 hour days.

This has significantly cut into my energy level and at the end of a work day I just can't seem to muster anything more than a walk with the dog.  Thank goodness for weekends!  This weekend I finished piecing the quilt top I'm making for myself -- yeah! -- and just have a little bit of stitching to go to complete the border.  Once again this quilt top, like many others I've made, has grown much larger than my original concept and now I'll have to piece the backing as I only bought 5 yards of fabric for it at the AQS show in Grand Rapids.  It's roughly 68" by 100" so I'm thinking it will look great on the twin bed I don't have yet!  I'm planning to downsize my bed from a queen size because it takes up so stinkin' much room in my bedroom.

I'm fairly certain I'll have it machine quilted.  I'd rather have it done than sitting on a shelf waiting for me to get the hours of time needed to do it myself.

This afternoon I got my loppers out and went to town on the weeds in my backyard.  It was looking like a jungle and I had finally had it.  My roommate wasn't tackling it so I did it myself.  Now my hands are aching and so is my back!  Time for some Aleve and a good night's sleep!

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