Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Life's a Beach

 Last month my friend Cathy invited me to spend a few days at her lovely cottage on Lake Huron, along with Sue and Kathy from the Chickens.  The Lake Huron shoreline is far less crowded and developed than the Lake Michigan side but every bit as enjoyable.  Mostly I would have to say it's very relaxing there.  We always have to walk the beach, gathering up new treasures that the waves have brought to shore.

I think Sue was particularly in search of green rocks -- who knew!

There were occasional pow-wows between Cathy, Kathy, and Sue over whether a stone was worthy of keeping or needed to be tossed back into the water.

I didn't pick up any rocks but I was practicing my photography skills, capturing waves on the rocks.

And goose-prints:

And driftwood that had washed ashore:

Isn't this the most beautiful place for a swing -- what a view!

It was so nice to get away with the girls:

I even got some sewing done:

I think I've sewn about 10 more rows since that weekend.  A few more to go and it can all be put together.

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Mary Sirianni said...

Oh I like your photos, make me wish I were there! I want to make a tumbler so bad, I am going to get inspired by yours! Thanks!