Monday, July 1, 2013

More Askew

When I was at the International Quilt Festival in Cincinnati this past April I loved the Stitch in Time booth.  They had wonderful silk fabrics kitted up in jelly rolls and yardage available in several colors.  I picked out a jelly roll kit I liked and a black yardage piece.  It sat in my stash until this week.  When I unrolled the fabric I could not believe how poorly it was cut.

This black strip is so wavy there is no way it can be used:

These two strips are representative of several strips.  Cut so 'off grain' that they can't be used either:

The black yardage piece was full of slubs and snags. The piece was only 36" wide (would have been good to know before I bought it) so that was messing up my plans for it.  In addition, the last 18" of it was mis-woven so that it was not as wide as the rest.  I can't even figure out what went wrong there.

The vendor does not have a website and the phone number on the packing is not readable.  How convenient.  Out of 45 40" strips, I have about 55 18" strips I can salvage plus whatever I can use from the yardage.  Very disappointing since I think the kit and the yardage cost about $80.  What a waste of money and it makes me think I won't have much fun putting something together with it either.  No more silk fabric for me!!!!

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