Sunday, November 18, 2012

Four Bags Full!

I've sewn four bags over the last few weeks.  I made one like this for my friend Sue for her birthday:
The one in the photo is mine -- I had to do a prototype first.  The fabric was too expensive to botch.  I started by making a mock-up using a really stiff interfacing material - Peltex.  Then I sewed the real bag, added an inside pocket, the tab closure (which snaps) and then the handles, reinforced with webbing.  I won't be able to carry a bowling ball in it but it should be sturdy enough for workshop supplies for our upcoming quilt retreat in December.

Next I made this fabulous wool bag for my customer Gerald to send to his sister Diane in England:

And yesterday I gave my friend Mary her birthday present:

Notice the meticulously sewn pocket???
Next time I'll remember to sew the pocket on BEFORE I sew the bag together!

Here's the inside.  I didn't let the cat out of the bag!

I'm done sewing for this weekend but I've got plenty of ideas stirring around my head.  Maybe tomorrow....


harriet said...

Very cool bags indeed!

Anonymous said...

~ excellent!..awesome bags! ;-D

Suzanne said...

Thank you, thank you!