Monday, November 5, 2012

New Beginnings

Today I started my new job as a contract employee at Ally Financial.  I managed to be 3 minutes late.  I know, I know.  Not a good way to start but I headed down the road without my readers and knew I couldn't get very far at the office without them.  I doubled back to the house and grabbed a pair and zipped down the highway to work.

The person I was to contact didn't seem overly enthusiastic to see me and I figured out later on that it was probably due to another co-worker being absent and it was most likely that gal who was supposed to be showing me the ropes.

With just a couple of calls to the Help Desk (actually was helpful for a change) I had my new laptop up and running and access to Outlook (yikes - new to me) and the company website.  I had a couple of calls with the gals I'll be supporting and then spent the rest of the day reading documents and learning about Outlook using Microsoft's online tutorials.

They don't have a cafeteria in the building so you have to bring your lunch, eat out or order delivery.  Today I had Jimmy John's deliver and ate by myself in their break room, surrounded by tables full of Indians - amazing.

Tomorrow I'm taking a lunch, once I figure out where I stuck my insulated lunch sack.  And I'm packing an extra pair of readers in my laptop bag!

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Anonymous said...

~sounds like ewe will do just fine!..also glasses are a must for some of! ;-D