Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Not My Cup of Tea

I'm not really liking where I'm working.  The people are too busy to help me.  They've all been there a while and just keep flying over details when I ask questions.  There's no on-boarding, nothing at all to guide me.  They have to move 100 different systems out of two data centers, splitting the info off of some and moving some servers to two new data centers (a bit too much detail there but that's my world right now).  Since I have absolutely no familiarity with banking and have never seen/used their systems I'm pretty much lost.  Just when I get a bit of confidence going, it all goes downhill fast and I feel like bailing.  

Today was awful -- the woman sitting next to me was clearly coming down with a terrible cold, much as she denied it.  She made a terribly annoying noise when she breathed, coughed, sneezed and moaned the whole day.  How I wish she had stayed home when she went home at lunch time to check on her cats and get some allergy medicine.  Clearly it was not allergies!

The one nice thing my sick cubemate did was inform me that no one would be in the office tomorrow.  They will all be working from home and that I could if I wanted to.  Since I haven't set that up yet with my boss, I'm still going in tomorrow.  Can you imagine how surprised I would have been if it was just me and a couple of other folks there?

I'm going to get busy looking for another job this weekend.  I'm getting all new appliances on Monday so I'll spend a bit of time cleaning and moving things around so the delivery guys can get in and out of the house quickly.  I also have a yard full of leaves to take care of.  Never a dull moment. :*)


Sigrun said...

I know how to solve the leaf problem--order a load of snow (see my blog), I hear you about the appliances--I just had new countertops put in and had to empty all the lower cabinets (and, of course, put everything back afterwards). I'm still organizing my recipe drawer. There will either be a lot of new cooking or a lot of paper recycling.

Suzanne said...

You're not kidding about the snow Sigrun! I'm not ready for that yet. Your countertops look fabulous -- you must be so pleased. P.S. I love your latest mittens, too!