Sunday, September 23, 2012

Quilting with Machines Show

Yesterday my Chicken friend Sue and I headed down to Huron, OH, for the Quilting with Machines Show.  Most of it was geared toward longarm quilters but there were still a lot of things being sold by the vendors for DSM (domestic sewing machine) folks like us.  We both did our best to help the local economy.

One of the things I really appreciated at this show was that each quilt tag listed the batting and thread used -- so good to know!  It was a chance for us to see how each thread worked up and then, of course, which threads we HAD to buy!

Here are a few of my favorite quilts on display:

I happened to be near Sarah Bistline as she was describing her creative process.  Much stress was in her life at the time, as her husband had just suffered a heart attack and she was running out of time to complete this beautiful whole cloth design in time for the show.

I don't know for sure, but I bet the color choices for this one were a result of the great button in the center of the star.

Hmm, this is the third whole cloth quilt I photographed -- I've always admired a well executed effort.

This amazing piece was created by Cathy Wiggins.  Be sure to read the story in the third shot below.  A different quilt of hers had one a 1st Prize ribbon at the AQS Grand Rapids show last month.

I loved this piece below even though I wasn't very fond of the border fabric.  I like how the quilter used a different filler design for each of the sections.  I think I'll try that on a quilt soon.

More pictures coming tomorrow plus our adventure to an amazing quilt shop!!

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