Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Sewing Mojo has Returned

I feel like I'm on a creative roll lately.  My sewing mojo is back, full time, and I really want to create again.  I went through a dry spell in more ways than one but I feel like my purchase of the Juki quilting machine has restored my creative juices.  Here is a picture of my new 'baby':
I'm am positively in L-U-V love with this machine.  I had absolutely no trouble with machine quilting my latest quilt.  I had a little bit too much weight to the left hand side of the machine but I can rectify that by adding another table on the left.  I can't even tell you how pleasurable this was.  I have always dreaded the machine quilting part of quilting.  I've said it before -- I'd swear like a sailor and clear out the house.  Not any more -- I didn't whine one single solitary bit. 

I used the new Premo Soft thread from Fil Tec that I bought last Saturday and it was great.  I had very little lint after about 4 hours of quilting.  Once again I had used Fusi-Boo batting and it was wonderful to quilt through and has washed up so nicely.

Who's the quilt for????  Not a clue but I'll be ready when the need arises for a change.

I'm even using the knee lift -- something I haven't been able to do with my Bernina due to height issues.

Here's my finished quilt, made from a bunch of $1.75 fat quarters and a few discount yardage pieces from Cristina's Quilt Shoppe in Rochester.

And the pieced backing:
I was able to eek out enough of that pink fabric for the binding - phew!  The quilt size is about 46" x 60".

I figured out that when I can't read the needle size stamped on my sewing machine needles I just need to take a picture and use the digital zoom to see the numbers!
My mother would call that a 'Suzy Smart' moment.  Sometimes she would say it as a compliment and other times - uh, not so much.  I thought I was pretty slick this time, though!


harriet said...

Love your quilt. Glad your mojo has returned.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

~ neat machine..also luv the quilt!..showed it to ewe-know-who :-) she thought ms. Suzanne's quilt was very pretty too! ;-)

Suzanne said...

Tracey -- I'll bet Tracia DID like my pink quilt :*)

Suzanne said...

Thanks Harriet -- missed you on Tuesday -- I brought my quilt to Panera.