Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Needle Bargains

Are you looking for sewing machine needles?  OK, so you already have a bunch.  I'm going to bet that you paid a pretty penny for them.  I discovered a website that has needles so darn cheap I bought them in nearly every size they offered. carries the Organ brand needles that I need for my new Juki sewing machine.  My Chicken friends Diane and Joyce also own Jukis and were all too happy to go in with me on the needles.  The price for a 4 pack of Organ needles in the store where I bought my machine was $4.99 - ouch!  Believe it or not - are you sitting down? - CTSUSA has 100 needles for $11.95 with free shipping!!!  How could I possibly pass that up??  I may be dumb but I'm not stupid!

Even after divvying them up with Diane and Joyce I expect that I'll be set for quite a while with needles.  Makes me want to try different kinds of sewing projects so I can try out the various needles -- size 65 - 100.  It used to be that I'd keep a needle in a machine until it broke or I needed another size and absolutely had to change it.  Now I know that needles are good sharp for about 8 hours of sewing and will have absolutely no qualms about changing them out.

By the way, I keep an empty prescription drug bottle near my sewing machine so I can deposit the spent needles safely.  Last week when I was taking out the trash I 'found' a hand sewing needle sticking out of the trash bag -- owwww.

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Anonymous said...

Great idea for the used needles, Suzanne!