Friday, November 25, 2011

Post Thanksgiving Day Post

Well, the day went really well yesterday.  Denver made it to his first Thanksgiving and was wonderful, despite cutting 3 teeth!

Both versions of the Tarte au Sucre turned out fabulous.  I think I'm definitely going to be making them again and again, but not for a while -- they're very sweet and rich!!  I can see why those crazy Canucks love them so much. :*)  I can just imagine my Dad's ancestors indulging in them at the holidays. Oddly enough I don't remember having it as a child.  I do remember Tourtiere (meat pie), soupe aux pois (yellow pea soup), and potato dressing, but not the sugar pie.  Amazing how I managed to live this long without sugar pie.

I jammed the day full of fun activities.  No crazy shopping at 4 am for me.  I was sleeping soundly while other bargain hunters were 'chilling' outside, waiting for a chance at the 'steals' that awaited them in the stores.

I started off by taking Maggie to the Blue Cross Veterinary clinic down the road from me.  She needed to be out of the house for a few hours so it was the perfect time for her to get some vaccinations and a new hair-do.  

She needed to be out of the house because I got my heating ducts cleaned for the first time in 50 years.  Those vacuums make a lot of noise and she would have gone crazy.  I saw this cute guy hanging out in my front yard while I waited for the Sani-Clean Air Duct Cleaning guys to arrive this morning:

They sucked out all sorts of stuff from my ductwork and dryer vent and sanitized, too:
The guys from Sani-Clean noticed a gas leak in the furnace so it was a good thing I'd already scheduled a furnace check up, too.  Rich from Hanson Heating & Cooling came by this afternoon and fixed the furnace in no time.

I'll sleep better knowing the air will be cleaner and I no longer have a gas leak -- yikes!  Maggie returned from the groomer, none the worse for wear.

I was afraid she might get a bad report since she does not care at all for being clipped but they didn't say to not bring her back again so I'm taking that as a positive sign - phew!

Tomorrow I'm heading out to Forma in Whitmore Lake to peruse their stock of weaving yarn.  Hold me back!!  I'll try to be good.  Well, maybe.

P.S.  Happy Birthday Tanya !!


Courtney said...

Denver is growing so fast! He's cute as a button! Maggie looks beautiful in her new "do". Glad you found out about the gas leak...yikes! Good to know it's still the weekend, huh? Two more days of wool fun!
Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

~ luv Denver's shirt!..luv Maggie's new look! ;-D