Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

I bought an apple pie at Achatz Pies yesterday and spotted their pie crust dough in their cooler.  Hmmm, I thought, bet that would work for my Tarte au Sucre, a French-Canadian staple at holiday time.  I didn't have a family recipe so I searched the Internet.  Such a variety of ingredients and techniques!  I settled on two recipes that both required heating the filling before baking.  We'll see which version tastes better!  I tried making one a few years ago and it just didn't set up properly so it was very sloppy.  It should be about the consistency of pecan pie filling.  Looking forward to giving it a try.  I'm hoping to make it a tradition at our family gatherings -- trying to keep my Dad's heritage alive.

The pies are cooling and I just need to get myself ready to go now.  I'm heading over to my nephew's home for a  great meal and fellowship.  Holly, Mike and Denver will be there early as they make their rounds to four different homes!  Something tells me they'll have a different plan for Christmas.


Courtney said...

Have a Happy Thanksgiving! Your pies look yummy!

Suzanne said...

Thanks Courtney -- they tasted as good as they looked. Definite winners today. Phew!

Anonymous said...

~ looks yummy! ;-D