Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Fewer than 1000 yards to go!

If you've ever ventured down to the bottom of my blog, you've seen my yarn usage tracker.  

As I finish a project I add my yards used to it.  This year I set a goal of 20,000 yards and I've used over 19,000 as of today.  It takes around 400 yards to knit each felted hat so it doesn't take me long to rack up the yardage.  I'll top the 20,000 yard mark for sure before the end of this week.  Next year I think I'll up the goal -- maybe 25,000 yards???


Eddie said...

Remind me to show you my felted pleated cloche.

Suzanne said...

Oooohhhh-- can't wait to see it! You've been holding out on me!

Anonymous said...

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