Thursday, October 6, 2011

Time is Flying

I can't believe how quickly the last couple of weeks have gone by.  Every day seems fuller than the day before.  Tonight I went back to Haberman Fabrics to try and solve my button issue with the jacket I'm sewing.  The buttons I want to use are very thick -- about 1/4" -- so I can't really make a button hole big enough to get them through.  I think the solution is to use some giant antique brass snaps and sew the buttons on the outside of the jacket.  We'll see if that works out.

I'm getting ready to go to Charlevoix next week for Apple Festival.  My friend Holly and her husband Fritz have already said they'll be up there and will stop by to visit my booth.  Right now the weather is looking pretty crappy there -- 50s and rain some of the time.  I don't mind the 50s because people will still come out but if it rains, forget it.  It's still a week away so maybe the forecast will improve.

The day after I come back from the festival I have to leave for a business trip.  I won't have much time to prepare -- laundry and packing all over again so I can head out to the airport straight from the office.  Kevin will have to hold down the fort.  I picked up dog food for Maggie so she won't run out while I'm gone.

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