Monday, October 3, 2011

Making Do

This past weekend I was supposed to be in NYC but my work trip got cancelled.  I had a whole bunch of things I was going to do there so I just did them at home instead!

I went to brunch at Cafe Muse and sent a photo of my food to my niece Erica, who I was supposed to be dining with.  I went to several yarn shops in my area instead of the Yarn Crawl in NYC.  I watched the Tigers vs Yankees game on TV instead of attending the game at Yankee Stadium.

I wound nearly 40 hanks of yarn into center-pull balls.  Now I'm ready to knit like the wind without having to stop to wind a new ball.  Two of the skeins were 478 yards each so I had to use my Strauch Jumbo Winder for them.

Now that I'm in town this week I think I'll head back over to Cafe Muse for their special dinner offering this week.  They aren't officially part of Royal Oak restaurant week but they are having specials.  Their food is so very good -- I can't wait to go!

I started sewing my double-face wool jacket yesterday and got it nearly done.  I just have to work on the collar, side seams, and figure out the closure.  I'll have pictures soon!

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