Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Kitchen Re-Org

Do you have a kitchen cabinet that resembles this (or even worse!)?

Well I was tired of things looking dangerously precarious and decided to take action.  While dilly-dallying at IKEA I found a couple of little shelves, perfect for tidying things up and making it just a bit safer in there.

I got rid of these silly plastic cup holders that I had stuck to the underneath part of the shelves:
I know!  What was I thinking???

I used the little shelves on the left-hand side, putting my shot glasses and delicate tea mugs from my grandmother on the top of the shelves for protection.  Much better and now my roommate's mugs, etc. are on the right side and mine are on the left, for the most part!

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Anonymous said...

~ neat! ;-D