Sunday, June 15, 2014

Father's Day Dread

This Father's Day has been a sad one for our family.  I lost my father nearly five years ago and usually that's enough to make me feel melancholy but this year is so much worse because of my nephew Paul's sudden death nearly two weeks ago.  I feel really bad for my brother-in-law Tim -- it is his first Father's Day without his oldest son. 

It is also the first Father's Day for my great-nephew Austin to be missing his father.  Paul was a wonderful father, not only to Austin but to his three step-children, too.  I know everyone is missing Paul today.

Firsts are always the worst and today is no exception.  I haven't got the right words to say to Tim or Austin so I've taken the cowardly approach and avoided contacting either of them.  Wish I could have put my Big Girl Panties on but it didn't happen today.

Instead here's a favorite picture of mine of my Dad and my son Kevin.  Happier times for sure.

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