Saturday, May 24, 2014

Famous People

Have you met any famous people?  I hadn't really until today.  I've met lots of quilting teachers, some even super stars, but they're not the kind of famous people that most of the public would know.  A lot of times people will ask me who's the most famous person I've met and I never really had an answer before today.

Today changed all that.  I went to the grand opening of a restaurant.  Ordinarily I stay clear of new restaurants until I'm pretty sure they've worked out the kinks.  I'm particularly reminded of one Mexican restaurant that was a nightmare even after being open for a week.  But I digress.

Do you know who Michael Symon is??  He's an Iron Chef, graduate of the CIA (not the spies, silly!), co-host on The Chew, author, and restaurateur.

Like many others in the area, I was looking forward to Michael Symon's new restaurant, B Spot, opening in nearby Rochester Hills.  I lived in RH for a few years and the mall where his restaurant is is flourishing so it's a great spot for him.

I had no problem standing in line which had about 30 people ahead of me and all of the 85 seats already filled at 11:40 a.m., 10 minutes after they opened.  I brought my camera and filled my time by snapping pictures of a gorgeous day.

Even this guy couldn't get a table:

The interior had this interesting welded piece hanging from the ceiling:

Some nice looking bourbons....

This neon sign directed diners to the condiment station.

I sat at a high-top table, beside this giant wall of beer cans.  Amazing.

I ordered a fabulous burger with mushrooms, grilled onions and bleu cheese and the Lola Fries which were skinny fries with rosemary, plus a Rochester Mills Red ale.  MMMMMMM!

Everything was so good -- cooked to perfection and the proper portion size.  I'll definitely be back.

Michael was very pleasant.  He stopped at every table and chatted.  I asked him about their plans to open a second B Spot in Royal Oak and he said they still have to choose a location but expect it to be open by the Fall.  I think it will definitely become a regular spot for me.  They have great food and the beer, etc. offerings are varied.

I took a great picture of Michael chatting with the people waiting ahead of me but the picture vanished from my camera - damn!  I took some candid shots while I was waiting for my food and then one final posed shot.  They were studying the line cooks.  I saw Michael eat a burger but I think he was doing some quality control.

I wish I had turned on my flash for this shot.  Darn!

I will definitely be going back.  I'll try different food and different drinks.  I tend to order the same thing over and over again at restaurants but I will make a conscious effort to expand my repertoire.

Who's the most famous person YOU'VE met?????

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Renee said...

How cool,Suzanne! He's from the Greater Cleveland area. I let Andrew know about this blog entry. What a neat beer can wall!