Sunday, April 13, 2014

OCQG Show Pics Part 1

Yesterday I had the pleasure of visiting the Oakland County Quilt Guild's quilt show and it was filled with beautiful quilts.  I met up with 5 friends and we all enjoyed the show.  I didn't see any of the vendors because I had to run to pick up lunch for my Mom, who I hadn't seen since February!  Since I gave up buying fabric for Lent, I didn't want to be tempted by the vendors any way, right??!!

Here are some of my favorites from the show.  I like a wide variety of quilting styles and techniques.  Limiting your appreciation is kin to only liking Italian cooking or only liking Be-bop jazz -- why would you deprive yourself of all of the varieties??!!

Look for more pictures tomorrow.
Scrap Box Jumble by Mary Asmus, Oakland, MI

Reminds me of a quilt made from men's ties

Floral Snowball by Pat Steele, Waterford, MI

These are a Few of My Favorite Things by Lisa Taylor-Nalette, Troy, MI

Ruth McCormick's quilting makes this look like it's really waving

About Trout by Shirley Buckmaster, Rochester Hills, MI

Crabapples by Ruth McCormick, Rochester Hills, MI

Red Floral by Barb Jensen, Rochester Hills, MI

Polka Dot Cabin by Carolyn Smith, Royal Oak, MI
Wonderful machine quilting by Ruth McCormick

Everlasting Wreath by Cyndi Anderson, Rochester Hills, MI

Untitled by Marylynn Danielson, Metamora, MI

Down at the Depot by Lisa Burmann, Dryden, MI

Wonderful embroidered trains

Amazing quilting!

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Cathy McIntee said...

Wasn't it a good show! So many quality quilts to see. A visual delight.