Wednesday, April 9, 2014

How's Everything?

I hope Spring is kicking in where you are, or Fall if you're on that side of the world!  Things are slowly coming to life around here.  If I could just stay healthy for a while.  For the third time in two months I'm sick again, this time another cold.  Hmmph!  I haven't seen my Mom since the end of February as she can't be around sick people due to her Humira and Methotrexate meds.

And if being sick isn't enough, this morning I went to the dentist to get my permanent crown placed.  The dental assistant removed my temporary crown, scraped off the adhesive, hosed and sprayed the remaining tooth structure.  Next she removed the permanent crown from the manila envelope and placed it in my mouth.  She took it back out, set it on the dental tray and left the room in search of the dentist.

The dentist returned with the assistant and announced he had received the wrong person's crown.  He showed me the impression -- yep, some other dentist and some patient named Johnson.  Jones - Johnson -- so close, right?  Mine is for tooth 5, the other one 13.  At least they're both upper teeth.

So they put my temporary crown back in its place once more and I was done for the visit.

I knew something was up when I looked at the crown on the tray and it was MUCH darker than my teeth.  He assured me that no one else had had the crown in their mouth, as if to comfort me.  Not entirely sure about that but I guess he's probably right.  The lab that made the crown was closed and he was certain it was a simple mix-up and my real crown would be received and ready for installation next week.

Was I upset?  Nope.  Not any one's fault, just a simple mix-up.  He couldn't believe how understanding I was but at that point what difference would it have made for me to get mad?  I was only a few minutes late to work and expect that will be the same next week, so long as the right crown shows up.

Hope you're having a great day!!

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