Monday, February 17, 2014

Perfect Balance

Here's my Olympic quilt top.  It's not a quilt yet, don't get excited.  I need to choose a backing and batting, layer it, then quilt it.  I'm thinking of going 'round and 'round in the stones and straight stitching the rest, although that might get to be too boring.  What do you think?  The stone fabrics are from the marvelous Marcia Derse and the pattern is called Perfect Balance.  Oddly enough I was machine appliqueing the stones while watching Ordinary People and then Downton Abbey -- not a lot of balance there, eh?  It's taller than me at 24"w x 66"h!!

On a side note, does anyone besides me think that $12.95 is a bit much for this pattern?  I think I missed out on this gravy train.

In contrast, I picked up my Share and Share Alike quilt from Quality Quilting this afternoon.  They only charged $45 to quilt a 56" x 83" quilt -- such a bargain.  I was hoping to find a couple of tall guys around the office late today to help me photograph my version but they had bolted on account of the dire weather predictions.

Now I need to trim it up and bind it.  Originally I was going to use the backing fabric to bind it but now I'm thinking, meh.  I need more of the Eggplant color of Peppered Cottons -- sounds like another trip to Pink Castle Fabrics or Mabelena Quilting Supplies and Other Comforts is in my near future.

We're getting more snow tonight but I'm grateful I made it home before it started.  Someone please tell Mother Nature we are very sorry and whatever it was, we won't do it again.  Ever.

Looks like I'll be working from home tomorrow if the roads are still bad.  All right by me....