Monday, February 10, 2014

Organizing My Fabric

Little by little I've been organizing my fabric by folding it around magazine and comic book backing boards.  Certainly not my invention, many have already done this and I finally jumped on the bandwagon.  I'm going through all of my cubes and doing a container at a time so I don't get wiped out and give up.  I use the magazine size for pieces over 1 yard and the comic book size for 1/2 yard - 1 yard pieces.  

Here's an example of what the cubes look like before and after the update:

It's so much easier to see what I have when they're folded this way on the backing boards.  When they're in stacks I can only see what's on top, so this will make searching for a particular fabric so much easier.  Now on to the rest of the cubes!

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