Saturday, October 12, 2013

Good Deeds

This past Thursday was our GLHQ guild meeting.  We had Jacquie Gering as our speaker and she was wonderful.  I loved her quilts and she is so friendly.  I'm sorry I didn't sign up for her workshops but I'll look for her in the future.

I showed my Keeping Tabs quilt even though I hadn't finished sewing down the binding.  Truthfully, I barely started sewing it down but I wanted to show it anyway.  One of our members is getting up there in years -- she's 88 and such a dear.  She asked if she could finish sewing down my binding for me as she's 'just sitting on the couch anyway these days.'  At first I hesitated because I wanted to do it but then I realized that by allowing her to do it she was feeling productive and helpful.  I thanked her profusely and gladly handed over my quilt.

Isn't nice when you can allow someone to do something for you and it makes both of you happy???!!!!  I tend to be pretty independent and don't often allow others to do things for me but I am really glad I 'let' Lee do this for me.

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