Sunday, June 9, 2013


Every time I hear a commercial that uses the word 'hundred' I want to scream!  9 times out of 10 they say 'hunnerd' instead of 'hundred'.  What is so difficult about saying One Hundred or  Two Hundred or whatever they really mean to be saying?  I'm talking about commercials for products that should know better -- mortgages, banks, etc.

The same goes for surprise -- it's not suprise; it's not axed -- it's asked, and it's not preciate -- it's appreciate.

My goodness we've gotten lazy and complacent.  When I was in high school at Rochester Adams (yes, home to Madonna), I had a teacher who was a former nun who called the way we speak 'Michigan Mush Mouth', though I'm certain it is not limited to Michigan.

While we do not need to speak the Queen's English is it too much to ask that we enunciate correctly?  Slow down, pronounce it correctly and stop making me scream every time I hear a stupid commercial!!!


Anonymous said...

~ indeed!..I agree with ewe 100% (no pun intended)!..don't forget double negatives---I didn't see nothing ---instead of I didn't see anything..also the misuse of their/there/they're ! ;-D

Anonymous said...

I agree though I do occasionally say 'surprise'. :*)
Joyce in MI

Anonymous said...

Sup rise.. Auto correct is at it again!

Anonymous said...

I was once a nuclear med. tech. and had a coworker who CONSTANTLY said "nucUlar" AND IT WAS HIS JOB! I also hate when people say irregardless instead of regardless.