Friday, June 14, 2013

Happy Friday!

I finished sewing down 10 yards of binding on my latest quilt on Wednesday -- phew!  I washed it and it shrank, as I figured, but went from 91" x 94" down to 84" x 91".  Hmmmm????  It looks great though and I'm so glad to have it finished.  

Now back to my regularly scheduled life.....

Last night was our last meeting of the guild year for my quilt guild.  I finished up my tenure as 1st VP, gave out a gift certificate to a local quilt shop, presented our president Sandy, with her President's Quilt, which turned out so nice, and showed two quilts at Show 'n Tell -- probably a record for me! 

At the end of the meeting I turned my cell phone back on and saw a missed call and message from my sister Renee.  I knew something was up.  My Mom was admitted to the hospital for bilateral pulmonary embolisms -- blood clots in both lungs.  Now that's a new one for her.  They put her in intensive care but after spending 4 hours with her today, that seems a bit excessive.  She's been moved to a step down room and if her next CAT scan shows the clots are breaking up/gone, she'll be going home on Monday.

I picked up some fleece fabric at JoAnn's after I left the hospital and will start on a new project tomorrow.  Watch for photo updates!


Sigrun said...

How can you taunt about a finished quilt, then not show a picture??

Suzanne said...

Photos coming soon Sigrun. Giving it away this weekend!