Thursday, February 23, 2012

Tied Up

While I was up north at my sister Denise's last weekend, my roommate sent me a text message or two.  He asked me to stop by the outlet mall and pick up a few ties for him for his new job.
I've always had a hard time limiting my tie selection so I ended up with 10 -- giving him two week's worth of ties, 1 for each day of the work week. I'm way too practical that way.  I also picked out three pair of trousers, an argyle pullover sweater and a sweater vest.  The total came to $273.00 -- a real bargain considering all there was in my shopping bag.  Kevin was very pleased and said he'll be going back to the Van Heusen store again when he needs to stock up.  Oh, and he IS paying me back.

P.S. Thanks Sigrun!

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Sigrun said...

Love the ties. Boy you have a long work week!