Saturday, February 4, 2012

Pretzel Jello

My roommate is in charge of making Pretzel Jello for the Super Bowl party he's going to tomorrow night.  I got my recipe out and put it on the counter so he would know what ingredients he needed to pick up at the grocery store.  

A couple of small problems.  He wants to double the recipe.  In my copy of the recipe it says you need 1 6 oz Jello.  He read that as 16 oz of Jello.  Uh, just a bit too much, especially when you consider he's doubling the recipe -- he bought 33 oz or 5 boxes of Jello plus a 3 oz box.

Next he bought fat free pretzels.  I don't know about you, but I HATE fat free pretzels.  There's so little fat in regular pretzels it's not worth losing the flavor by using the fat free variety.

So right now he's at the grocery store, returning all the extra stuff.  Oh, and the powdered sugar he thought was granulated.  

I think he needs to do more of the grocery shopping around here so he can sharpen his skills a bit, eh??


Renee said...

You're not done parenting yet, but lessons like these put you closer. It's good that he isn't afraid of trying new things....or returning mistake purchases.

Tanya said...

And our new room mate? packed his lunch for the FIRST TIME EVER last night. . .egads.

Suzanne said...

@Tanya -- He's off to a good start. What an adventure!