Monday, January 19, 2015

Checking In

I've been sewing my little heart out, working on a stealth project.  No peeking just yet, but soon my pretty, very soon.

I've got to get my quilts ready for the GLHQ Quilt Show, just 6 weeks away!  I want to enter four quilts but I've got to get them photographed to enter them.  I might have to haul them into the office to get a tall guy to hold them up for me.

And speaking of the office, big drama last week.  Things had gotten so bad between my co-worker Debbie and our boss in North Carolina that she had been offered a new job and accepted.  She told the VP in our office who knew if she left I'd be right behind her.  They'd be left with no quality assurance analysts and that would put them in a really bad spot.  So he went to bat for us, convincing all the powers that be that the management of the QA team should be done here in Michigan and miracle of miracles it worked.  

Debbie had to turn down the offer at the new company and today was our first day with no micromanaging, no relentless banter, no angst.  It felt really good.  Late in the day I heard from a recruiter about a position I had posted for last week.  It sounds like a great opportunity but I feel like I have to give the new changes at my current employer a chance to succeed.  I told the recruiter I'd be in touch if it doesn't!


Anonymous said...

~ keeping fingers crossed.. that everything works out :-)for ewe! ;-D

Suzanne said...

Thanks Tracey -- looking good so far!