Sunday, December 14, 2014

Red and White Quilt Challenge Reveal

I have been so darn busy this past week -- maybe that should be sew darn busy.  I made a super cute sock monkey pillow for the guild's Holiday Bazaar silent auction:

Altogether I had 6 items I contributed to the auction.  I bought several things that other members had made so I did my share to support the guild.

I sewed the binding on my Red & White Challenge quilt yesterday.  I used the stitch in the ditch foot, foot R for my Juki F600, to sew the binding to the backside of the quilt.  I love this method because it's so much quicker and saves wear and tear on my hands over hand sewing the binding to the back.  Since I think it will be a table cloth for my kitchen table it just didn't warrant the hand sewing method.  I washed the quilt using TWO Color Catcher sheets and there was no bleeding whatsoever.  The Color Catchers were pink when they came out of the washer but the quilt remained white where it should have and none of the reds bled -- phew!

The pattern is called Syncopated Rhythm by Karen Montgomery.  It's a fun pattern that works up quickly.

Now on to more Christmas sewing.


Anonymous said...

~ the sock monkey pillow is really cute!!.. the red & white quilt is really nice..awesome job on both!.. take care ;-D

Suzanne said...

Thanks Tracey!