Sunday, October 19, 2014

All Burned Up

I survived the visit from my boss, AKA Dr. Evil, and his assistant, Mini Me.  I've been micromanaged to DEATH.  His ideas are fine, but his delivery stinks.  I think he was out playing Cricket when he should have been in Charm School.  My job is going better and I am starting to 'get it' finally.  I've gotten two paychecks so far so I think I'll stay.  I like what I'm doing and who I'm working with and when you couple that with my short commute, I'm quite happy.

My former roommate is settled into his new place but today he stopped by in the most irate state I've seen him in a long, long time.  He went to the Lions game with his father and uncle.  I don't know what triggered it but his father decided it was time to let loose on all that has been bothering him about me for the past 25+ years.  Kevin was so upset over whatever transpired that he left his wallet and cell phone in his dad's car.

Unfortunately I had been trying a new recipe which called for heating up the pan before adding butter and olive oil and it burned horribly, causing me to open all the windows and turn on the fan as the house filled with smoke. So when Kevin starting screaming hysterically about the incident there isn't a soul within 5 miles that didn't know about it.

It's amazing to me how my ex views our marriage.  He deems me cold and insensitive and I view him the same way.  I was abandoned as were the kids so that he could spend his all of his spare time with his brothers and parents, long before his father's terminal illness.  I guess I just didn't understand what being married was supposed to be about.  Unfortunately Kevin had to be the recipient of his father's built up wrath.  Wow, it NEVER came up when we were in marriage counseling.

I feel horribly for Kevin, he never should have had to endure this.

The new chicken dish was delicious but the pan needs a little TLC, much like my former roommate.

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Anonymous said...

~ don't ewe feel bad..your ex sounds like the insensitive/cold can a man justify leaving his responsibilities.. leaving his family.. leaving his wife.. leaving his two kids.. sorry Kev had to hear his father's pity-party wrath..but know ewe were/are a good mom to Kev & Holly..take :-) care ;-D